High Point Estates Home Owners Association

Welcome to High Point Estates

...a private residential community located on Madison, Wisconsin's beautiful West side.


High Point Estates is a private, residential community located on the Southwest side of Madison, Wisconsin.  

Conveniently nestled between Gammon Road, High Point Road, and Elver Park, the neighborhood is comprised of 275 single-family homes spread across 145 acres.

It is a pedestrian-friendly community that is diverse and vibrant.

Architectural Committee

The Protective Covenants of the HPEHOA require the Association to have an Architectural Control Committee.

Homeowners should submit plans for construction or improvements including structures, fences, walls and other improvements to the Architectural Control Committee for review before the project proceeds.

Our Activities

High Point Estates neighbors have many active social activities including:  Flamingo Parties, Halloween Party, Winter Social, Summer Picnic, and an annual Garage Sale. 

We also have several recurring activities including: Multiple Bunco groups, Couples Bowling, Progressive Dinner Club and a Ladies Luncheon group.